Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our Vacation

Let me begin by saying that Friday 08/03/07 at 4pm was the best b/c I knew that I was off from work for a whole week!! We began our vacation with an u/s for me at 10am on Monday (Camilo still had to work over the weekend). We saw the baby yawn with that cute lil' mouth and saw their bones and spine and it was of course amazing. Well the u/s tech asked us if we wanted to know the sex.... I said "no" Camilo said "yes"... the baby kept their legs closed so the anatomy wasnt clear, he sent me to empty my bladder to get him/her moving and when I came out he started the u/s and slipped and told us what we were having. He felt bad and I secretly wanted to know too, but would have love to find out in Jan when he/she comes out but no he told us we are having a ___ (you'll have to e-mail me to find out, just in case my family gets a hold of this.... we are keeping it from them= )) We are both very excited about the news and cant wait to meet him/her (I hope I dont slip before then)
Then my sil, neice, younger sister Camilo, Cadence and I headed to Sesame Place. We got some lunch befre we checked into our hotel and then checked in at the Comfort Inn and got ready to go to the park. Cadence had a great time there and pretty much went on everything she possibly was tall enough for. We went on the lazy river, the Duck Ride (forget the real name) and every waiting pool they had.
We of course went back the following day and immediatly went to the lazy river. It was so hot that day that Cadence actually fainted in Camilo's arms. We poured water all over her and kept her hydrated and wet the rest of the day. It was a very scary experience. We watched the parade that day and Ernie bent over to say "hi" to Cadence and she was of course scared, but it was a funny scared.
Wednesday was supposed to be beach day but it was so hot that day we didnt want anothe lapse of what happened at Sesame. Thursday our pool FINALLY was put in and of course we couldnt use it that day b/c it took all night to fill. Friday we did some landscaping trying to level around the pool. Sat we got our concrete patio put in then we went to our friends shore house. Sunday we went to the beach and Cadence had a great time. As soon as we got there she sat down and started shoveling with her bucket and shovel.... It was so very cute. She loved the ocean water, wasnt afraid of anything. We had such a perfect day too, water temp was like 78 and the outside temp felt about in the 80's but no humidity it felt like.
Monday I took off b/c Camilo actually had off so we got some patio blocks for a second patio we are building, I made dinner and we swam for a little bit.
I am back to work and of course I enjoyed not having the responsibility for a week but the wallet definately felt the brunt of our family fun!!
I will develop my pictures from the trip and post them as soon as possible, I bought a water camera for the park so I didnt have to worry about getting my digital wet, but now I have to develop the old fashion way!!
Well thats all for now... = )