Monday, February 25, 2008

8 weeks already!!

I just cant believe where the time goes...although Cadence and Emma are only 22 months apart you quickly forget how quick the weeks fly by. Her 2 month check up is next week so I will update her weight and stuff next week.

Cadence thinks Emma is a 'Super Sister'
Cadence still loves being a big sister and will pat Emma when she cries and says "ssssh Emma, sssh". It is so cute how motherly she is, girls really do have that instinct. Cadence of course amazes me everyday which makes me not wanna go back to work at all. I dont wanna miss anything new she does, I think its worse leaving them when they are older than when they are infants.

We finally got enough snow to actually go out and play in it and Cadence did ok. She was sble to wear her snow boots and snow suit for the first time.She really didnt know what to do when we were out there but we still had a good time.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh whatta joy....

Well all in all... Emma is a perfect baby... all she does is sleep and eat, with the occasional poopy diapers of course. Cadence is adjusting extremely well except for the occassional jealous fits she has. They arent 'bad' and they dont last long, and I just actually laugh at it instead of stressing over it. It usually only happens if Cadence and I playing/sitting together and Emma starts to cry. I will ask "can I get Emma?" and Cadence will say "no" & pushes me to stay back... its cute... and if im holding Emma and Cadence wants me attention she puts to the bassinet and says "back mommy back" which is even cuter!! Cadence sometimes does try to 'help' but can be a little rough with her. I know Emma wont 'break' per say so its not too big a deal.

We took advantage of the nice weather we had today and went to the park. We had a very good time.