Thursday, July 31, 2008

bitter sweet

Last night made it official for me... our "First Home" is now someone elses. I went over there after work to wait for Camilo, and as I'm sitting on the floor with the baby I hear a truck pull up and its the renters. I'm like wow this is awkward... is it their house is it our house... its in limbo... so we had to go back later that night to pick up my car we left their so we could go get furniture from my boss's house and when we pull up, they are sitting outside chilling... enjoying the house like they have been there forever... As grateful as I am than we are able to move to a bigger house... its still kinda upsetting to let 'our first house' go... They are very nice people with 2 sons and another on the way and Im glad that we all feel comfortable with one another... Lets just hope everyones experience in this process is a postive one!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sunday was my 'little' sisters 13th b-day... I can not believe shes a teenager already... time sure does fly by... we really need to appreciate the time we have... Because 'you're gonna miss this'....
Camilo and Emma just chillen'

Recently a man by the name of Randy Paucsh passed away and he did what was known as "the last lecture"... he was diagnosed with terminal pancriotic cancer with only a few months to live... well he chose to live like Tigger and NOT Eyore... he decided that making memories with his children in the time he had left was much better than sulking and not making the memories... So with that being sad... I will try to be more like Tigger and not like Eyore... dont sweat the small stuff and when something bad happens in life... Make It Worth Something!!

I love you Camilo, Cadence & Emma!! Thank you for being in my life and making me smile EVERYDAY!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Student Teaching

Well I finally got my acceptance letter for student teaching... the 3 schools I applied for did not accept me... of course I felt hurt and embarrassed, but it was quickly cleared up that it had nothing to do with ME.... the schools just weren't very cooperative... so I will be student teaching in the Fall of 2008 in Greenwich Twp. school district in the first grade!! I am SUPER DUPER excited, because it all feels REAL now... I hope this motivates me to lose some weight before I start, because I need a new wardrobe!! Wish me luck!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I've converted

Well too much advail... Ive made the switch to cloth diapering... Im totally excited about it... not only because Im hoping it helps us cut the cost of buying diapers BUT also trying to go a lil' greener!! Plus she totally looks cute in those cute prints!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Its been a while...

Well well we go...... we FINALLY made settlement on the new house.... and it couldnt be better... its just too bad we are hardly ever home at the same time to enjoy it... We wanna have a House Warming of some sort because we didnt do it with the other house and we would love to show this one off!! We still need to put more of pur personal touches to it and then it will feel complete, but it sure is nice to call this place home!!

What else, Emma is freakin' 6 months!! I cant even believe where the time has gone... She still has no teeth or anything but is drooling like crazy still... she sits up great and has been doing that since she was about 5 months...Cadence is a GREAT big sister still... she loves Emma and you can just tell... I will update more later and add more pictures because I of course have alot of time to cover!!