Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Im wondering if the 30 day shred is supposed to be 30 consecutive days... Because I just have not been consistent with doing it...if I dont have a soccer game, Im going to watch Camilo's and after his games by the time we get home Im spent... BUT I HAVE TO TRY... Tonight will be my challenge... after we get home from his game tonight Im going to shred!! I weighed in today.... I lost in 5 weeks I have lost 5 lbs!! They give you a little sticker with a 5 on it too its really cute... anyway... the leader asked if I had goal in mind... I said I was just doing the 5% for now...and she said "well you're pretty close to that so keep me posted so we can send in your paper work..." I dont know what that means about the paperwork... but being close to your goal feels very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! I think it will give me more motivation to lose that 3 lbs before next weeks weigh in, except Ive never lost 3 lbs in 1 week... so I dont want to put too much pressure on myself.... Does that make me sound like I have excuses?!?!

I need to get pictures off of my camera to show how lovely my babies are...Cadence held Emma's hand the other day during a thunderstorm, telling her it would be ok... how cute is that?!?! She is a great big sister... I hope this love continues forever...Emma is not potty trained completely yet... she has days where we ask and she tells... then she'll just have an accident... and because of the inconsistency we are forced to keep her in pull ups during the day when my mil watches them... and I definately think thats holding her back... but she's doing us a favor in helping us out so I cant really say much... her hands are full! Other than that... she is such a pleasant kid... I dont know if Ive mentioned it before but 2 is the best age I think... not that my Cadence isnt at a good age... but the discovery age is simply hysterical... Cadence the other day said "mom that bunny freakin' scared me"... ahhhh what a proud mama moment!! Watching what we say and what we listen to...really comes into play... Emma's speech skills are pretty clear which is nice so there isnt much of that frustration of not knowing what they are trying to say.... Lando Commando, is another pleasant baby to be around... if he's crying its because he's pissed that he's being ignored, lol... he loves attention.. and"coughs" if you arent giving it to him... he is eyeing up food that we are eating... Im hoping he can hold off another 2 months before we have to do solids though... Camilo's job is not looking so good right now.. HR apparently cant do anything for him... heres crossing our fingers that something good will come of this... we arent bad people, are we?!?!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another week....

Got weighed in today at WW... down .4...making me 148.8 (gasssssssp) not the best BUT I cant be too hard on myself either... I know I didn't put in the work necessary to get the results I want... I have not been shredding everyday, but I think that playing soccer will assist in the process... its not holding me back but I still need to do it!! Find the time... make the time... I did take measurements and I'm down on them as well!!

I did QUASH (Quest to Unravel Alzheimer's Scavenger Hunt) on Saturday and ran in the heat around Philadelphia... I really would like to visit one day where I dont have to race anywhere!!

Monday night I had an outdoor soccer game and scored my first goal!! I was excited!! What made me feel even better about being out there playing was the fact that Camilo was there supporting me. He said I played surprisingly well and I look like I belong out there with the rest of them. Because he has been playing soccer all of his life, that truly does mean a lot to me.... I was def nervous I would be disappointing him and his name... I shredded last night, still a toughie but I am really hoping I stay consistent with it this week...

Landon rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time this week... Yah for milestones!!

Heard some good news about Cam's job too... the principal REALLY wants him to stay so he is doing everything possible, along with his mentor, in order to keep him.... they are going to meet with HR to see what the possibilities are... its refreshing to know you can be so good at something when its an unexpected career choice.... I always knew he would be good at whatever he put his mind too, but its just convincing him of that...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a brand new day

Landon has his 4 month well visit yesterday and lets just say, I don't even know where these months have gone... I still vividly remember the night he came into our lives, so I definitely need to get that written down before I forget. So he is 15lbs & 26 inches, which puts him above average for his age. I would like to know where these other babies are they are getting the info from... I don't think he looks like a 'big boy' like i kept hearing at the doctors office... but I am very protective when it comes to that... like don't call my kid fat ok!?! OK vent over... He is a healthy baby boy cried like hell when he got his shots... but got over it very quickly... he is a social butterfly.. he loves attention... smiles at everything in view... he has already begun to be tortured by the girls... with dress up clothes... he will be upset when he gets bigger, lol!

Cadence is a very good big sister... she is helpful and loving to Landon and Emma. But boy oh boy she has been a not so good listener lately... its upsetting to question yourself like "what am I doing wrong as a parent?" but I'm starting to learn that she is a kid and I cant expect perfection with her, I just don't want her to act like that when I'm not around and have someone else say "oh my gosh shes bad" because I know she is not a bad kid... she can become very difficult at times but 99% of the time shes the BEST!!

Emma... oh my Emma! Shes a trip... I love this age so much... its so funny to see them learning new things and trying new things... we are still potty training with her... she decided to head to right field one day and we haven't had a consistent day with her since. She will pee (or poop) in front of you and giggle about it... and her lil' chubby cheeks its like whats the next step... how do you fix this behavior?!

Camilo has been so supportive with me and my weight loss and making sure I get the time to do my workouts... its been a nice change because usually he'll do his workout and by the time he's done I'm not in the mood to do mine... but we've learned to balance it out where we either take turns doing it... or he takes one for the team and he doesn't complete his... I do feel bad when he doesn't work out... but his metabolism and weight stuff is not as difficult as mine... he could not work out for months then go run 6 miles... he's a pure athlete!!

Me... last but not least... its been 3 weeks since Ive joined Weight Watchers and I have lost 3.6 lbs! I must say my first weigh in I was upset that I didn't lose more... but I'm realizing like they say in the Biggest Loser... its the small accomplishments you have to celebrate! My first weekend on WW we had a party for my sisters birthday and this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we had a small gathering... I did pretty well with keep an eye on how much I was eating... but not being a Nazi about it either... This program really does allow you to still live a normal life....I'm still doing the Shred... switched to level 2!! Man... she can kick your butt... I'm not giving up though...  Ive only done 10 days worth though... so I technically have 20 more to go! I have been walking around my court with my mother in law every night practically as well... and if I didn't do my shred (like last night) I walked... I start outdoor soccer tonight... oy vey... I can only imagine how hard Im going to be on myself after this... I have to learn to stop worrying what others are going to think about me and do me, for ME!

PS: Im loving my new friends... I feel like I can count on them and we've never even met! Its nice to know you have someone to confide in, besides your spouse! <3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healthy Start...

Ive done the shred every night this week so far, and even after last nights workout we all went for a walk in our court. The shred is TOUGH... and I wanna give up but i feel like Jillian will be so mad... so I suck it up and keep going... I never thought the combination of jumping jacks and jump rope could be so rough, but if it'll give me results then its all good!

I started Weight Watchers yesterday with my mom... I am very excited to eat proper portions lets just hope I dont decide I can do it on my own, without the meetings... Im allotted 31 points for the day (bc im breast feeding) and so far at 1:37 in the afternoon Ive consumed 10 points...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Start

I am going to update as often as possible, even if no one is reading. There are many things that are on my mind through out the day and not many opportunities to talk to someone about them so why not get them off my chest through the power of the word!

We are now a family of FIVE!! Yes I said 5... and everyday Camilo and I look at each other in amazement because the things that aren't planned are the best surprises! Cadence just turned 4 (April 21), Emma is 2 (Jan 2) and 'hadda baby its a boy' Landon 4 months (Jan 27)... We are complete (for now, lol) there is nothing etched in stone but we are def done for now... three years and 1 day will be the next time babies are discussed (tenure) BUT I am still looking for a job in teaching, being where I am, just isn't going to pay the bills forever, especially since 'its not the right time for raises'. Camilo got a letter stating they will not be offering him his contract for next school year bc of all the layoffs that's happening. His mentor seems to think they will change their minds but until then... hes out of a job for next year, which now means we have to find health insurance for at least the kids...

I am on a mission to get in shape so hopefully posting it up here will get me to doing what I should be doing instead of making excuses of why I'm not... I started day 1 of my 30 day shred with Jillian Michael's... I felt good after it... wanted to wake up today to do an early morning workout but fell asleep last night and wasn't prepared for this morning... Ill workout when I get home today, before dinner... (because my friend told me you metabolize food faster after your workout...thanks Tab) I need all the metabolizing help I can get.

Overall, Our family may not have it all together, but together we have it all!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


(27 weeks)

(28 weeks)
Well of course Im a slacker and have not updated in a while... so I'll try to remember what I should.... As of today I am 28 weeks pregnant with our little surprise baby. I have been feeling great... the baby is a mover and a shaker thats for sure... as of right now Im starting to feel as though the baby has less room to move around so Im feeling the bigger/harder movements that brush across my belly. Its such a nice reminder that I am carrying a baby made out of love by two people... the whole idea of it all still amazes me.... My sil actually asked me the other day if she could watch this delivery bc she has never seen one... I know with Cadence we had a room full of people, and with Emma it was only Camilo and I... with this baby Camilo said he would like it to be just us again... but who knows what we will decide... I dont mind I guess but I would have to think about it...
Cadence is still a mama's girl and Emma is still a daddy's girl... but they move tend to have their moments where the other parent will be just fine for them as well... They are both such good kids I couldnt ask for anything more from them. Cadence can have a bossy attitude at times... but has beene expressing her feelings very freely... she'll say "that makes me so sad" or "thats not fair"...its really cute when she says it and Im glad she uses it when its appropriate.... such a smarty pants! Emma is starting to get into the have to wear a dress everyday stage like Cadence was in... which is fine but will take some a.m. clothing choices for me to get used to... she used to not care now she'll tell me 'no....princess' so again... dealing with some primadonnas! BUT... they get along well I forget about the little temper tantrums they will have at times.

Camilo is a teacher! He started teaching middle school math in Bridgeton in the beggining of October... adjusting everyday and trying to reach out to the kids who have no interest in doing well at all.... its a farm town where they are all illegal so they have no care about 'what will happen' after school... good thing he has patience (at times) bc I think I would have a bit of a raised voice a little too often....

I still am looking for a teaching postion... I did just get a job doing an afterschool program in Vineland, its a section 8 program so its a safe haven for kids to do their hw quietly and use the computers... Summer is a full-time thing so that should be interesting... apparently I'll have to develop a curriculum and lesson plans for 3 different age groups... plan field trips... plan meals... but heard that from the other teacher I work with not the boss herself... so we shall see...

Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm trying to be a good person and go to church but I really am way too ignorant on religion (don't tell my religion teacher... but it was Judaism... so it may not count) Anyway... we had Cadence 'dedicated' to an Assembly of God which is pretty much a non-denominational Christian church... but by the time I got pregnant with Emma... they were closing their doors because of the lack of people and money coming into the church... Needless to say my poor, now middle child, has not been to church nor even considered for a dedication or any of that... I have not been too busy on Sundays to go but I just don't know where to go... whats the difference between a Methodist church and an Assembly of God... is there one?!?! I hate feeling so dumb on this... but I blame it on my parents for not enforcing it more when we were little... I was baptized Catholic and I made my Holy Communion... I don't know what Camilo has done apparently in Honduras everything with Religion is different.... I feel like I cant go to the Catholic church because of not making my confirmation but really Id rather not go to a Catholic Church at this time because of childhood memories of it always being, sorry to say, boring... I need some religion help.... but be nice!