Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Im wondering if the 30 day shred is supposed to be 30 consecutive days... Because I just have not been consistent with doing it...if I dont have a soccer game, Im going to watch Camilo's and after his games by the time we get home Im spent... BUT I HAVE TO TRY... Tonight will be my challenge... after we get home from his game tonight Im going to shred!! I weighed in today.... I lost in 5 weeks I have lost 5 lbs!! They give you a little sticker with a 5 on it too its really cute... anyway... the leader asked if I had goal in mind... I said I was just doing the 5% for now...and she said "well you're pretty close to that so keep me posted so we can send in your paper work..." I dont know what that means about the paperwork... but being close to your goal feels very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! I think it will give me more motivation to lose that 3 lbs before next weeks weigh in, except Ive never lost 3 lbs in 1 week... so I dont want to put too much pressure on myself.... Does that make me sound like I have excuses?!?!

I need to get pictures off of my camera to show how lovely my babies are...Cadence held Emma's hand the other day during a thunderstorm, telling her it would be ok... how cute is that?!?! She is a great big sister... I hope this love continues forever...Emma is not potty trained completely yet... she has days where we ask and she tells... then she'll just have an accident... and because of the inconsistency we are forced to keep her in pull ups during the day when my mil watches them... and I definately think thats holding her back... but she's doing us a favor in helping us out so I cant really say much... her hands are full! Other than that... she is such a pleasant kid... I dont know if Ive mentioned it before but 2 is the best age I think... not that my Cadence isnt at a good age... but the discovery age is simply hysterical... Cadence the other day said "mom that bunny freakin' scared me"... ahhhh what a proud mama moment!! Watching what we say and what we listen to...really comes into play... Emma's speech skills are pretty clear which is nice so there isnt much of that frustration of not knowing what they are trying to say.... Lando Commando, is another pleasant baby to be around... if he's crying its because he's pissed that he's being ignored, lol... he loves attention.. and"coughs" if you arent giving it to him... he is eyeing up food that we are eating... Im hoping he can hold off another 2 months before we have to do solids though... Camilo's job is not looking so good right now.. HR apparently cant do anything for him... heres crossing our fingers that something good will come of this... we arent bad people, are we?!?!

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