Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a brand new day

Landon has his 4 month well visit yesterday and lets just say, I don't even know where these months have gone... I still vividly remember the night he came into our lives, so I definitely need to get that written down before I forget. So he is 15lbs & 26 inches, which puts him above average for his age. I would like to know where these other babies are they are getting the info from... I don't think he looks like a 'big boy' like i kept hearing at the doctors office... but I am very protective when it comes to that... like don't call my kid fat ok!?! OK vent over... He is a healthy baby boy cried like hell when he got his shots... but got over it very quickly... he is a social butterfly.. he loves attention... smiles at everything in view... he has already begun to be tortured by the girls... with dress up clothes... he will be upset when he gets bigger, lol!

Cadence is a very good big sister... she is helpful and loving to Landon and Emma. But boy oh boy she has been a not so good listener lately... its upsetting to question yourself like "what am I doing wrong as a parent?" but I'm starting to learn that she is a kid and I cant expect perfection with her, I just don't want her to act like that when I'm not around and have someone else say "oh my gosh shes bad" because I know she is not a bad kid... she can become very difficult at times but 99% of the time shes the BEST!!

Emma... oh my Emma! Shes a trip... I love this age so much... its so funny to see them learning new things and trying new things... we are still potty training with her... she decided to head to right field one day and we haven't had a consistent day with her since. She will pee (or poop) in front of you and giggle about it... and her lil' chubby cheeks its like whats the next step... how do you fix this behavior?!

Camilo has been so supportive with me and my weight loss and making sure I get the time to do my workouts... its been a nice change because usually he'll do his workout and by the time he's done I'm not in the mood to do mine... but we've learned to balance it out where we either take turns doing it... or he takes one for the team and he doesn't complete his... I do feel bad when he doesn't work out... but his metabolism and weight stuff is not as difficult as mine... he could not work out for months then go run 6 miles... he's a pure athlete!!

Me... last but not least... its been 3 weeks since Ive joined Weight Watchers and I have lost 3.6 lbs! I must say my first weigh in I was upset that I didn't lose more... but I'm realizing like they say in the Biggest Loser... its the small accomplishments you have to celebrate! My first weekend on WW we had a party for my sisters birthday and this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we had a small gathering... I did pretty well with keep an eye on how much I was eating... but not being a Nazi about it either... This program really does allow you to still live a normal life....I'm still doing the Shred... switched to level 2!! Man... she can kick your butt... I'm not giving up though...  Ive only done 10 days worth though... so I technically have 20 more to go! I have been walking around my court with my mother in law every night practically as well... and if I didn't do my shred (like last night) I walked... I start outdoor soccer tonight... oy vey... I can only imagine how hard Im going to be on myself after this... I have to learn to stop worrying what others are going to think about me and do me, for ME!

PS: Im loving my new friends... I feel like I can count on them and we've never even met! Its nice to know you have someone to confide in, besides your spouse! <3

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