Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where do I begin?!?

Again it has been way to long for any updates... I have been quote busy with student teaching which is almost over and I cant wait... not because I dont like it... just because I really am so excited to have my own classroom! I filled out my papers for my certification today and he said I would be able to take the middle school english praxis and be able to teach middle school english!! Not that, thats what I am really gung-ho about but its anothe boost in the right direction and will get my foot in the door faster than just being what I have now...
Anyway... my girls... Cadence is doing fabulous... I mean besides the fact that she has temper tantrums galore when I pick her up from my mil's! I get told she doesnt like me, go away... its a nice feeling when im sooooo excited to see them and thats what I walk into!!
Emma is doing fab as well... shes like 20lbs... crawling, pulling herself up taking steps when you hold her... Im sure she'll be walking before shes one... which AGGGH will be in a month!! I cant believe that...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh gee!!

we went to the Camden Aquarium (courtesy of my new friend Nicole from student teaching) we had a great time but sure glad I didn't have to pay for any tickets....
Camden Aquarium! (cell phone pics)

Update update update.... where do I even begin?!?! I'm still student teaching (40 days tomorrow = 35 days left!) We went to SC for a wedding... it was a nice time to have some alone time but of course the girls were on our mind the WHOLE TIME!! It was nice to put make up on, where a dress and feel pretty!

Cadence is still my favorite first daughter... she is more and more independent and just loves Emma with all of her little heart. She is speaking more Spanish and its definitely a plus to have her know it BUT its upsetting and frustrating to both of us when I cant tell what shes saying... I can figure out most of it but the new words shes saying from being with my mil all day I'm having the most trouble with... We bought her a big girl bed (which she barely sleeps in), along with Princess bed sheets and comforter. Still not potty trained but we arent trying either...

Emma is still my favorite second daughter.... she is active now and has 3 teeth with another pushing its way out!!... she too loves Cadence as much as her little heart will let her and its so awesome how she lights up when they see one another. She has her check up before Thanksgiving but hopefully I will be updating about her before then, lol......

Saturday, September 27, 2008

mix match

It has been 24 days since my last confession...... I have been busy as a bee... this teaching thing is not as easy as people may think... There's more paperwork and not enough teaching and learning which stinks... I have taken on 3 subjects plus morning routine which consist of attendance and lunch count... Monday I'm doing Spelling... so its getting a new subject each week is a good adjustment... Its just weird to think in 2 weeks I'll have all but Math to teach. This is definitely an experience and I'm making the most out of it no matter what.


- Cadence: is now 29 months & 6 days old. She is maturing so quickly I cant stand it but there isnt a magic potion to keep her this age forever. She has ringlet curls that are a pita to comb through (unless there is globs of conditioner in it)....but look so pretty on my lil' brunette baby girl. She is still not potty trained but we arent trying either. She is an acrobat... no fear of anything... climbs and jumps from anywhere she can... she sings and dances every chance she gets too so I think christmas gifts are going to consist on asking for money to sign her up to dance or do gymnastics...she speaks Spanglish and can say curses in Spanish too...., such a proud mommy!!
She loves Emma just as much as you would hope a 2 year old was capable of.... they both react so happily when they see one another... it melts my heart....
- Emma: is now 8 months 3 weeks & 4 days old. She finally has 2 bottom teeth... shes not crawling but is mobile some how... she is never in the same spot you leave her... she is doing great being at my mil's all day... shes been having more real food lately to keep her from not being hungry during the day since shes not taking formula...or ebm.... she makes kissy noises which also can be mistaken for a 'clucking' like noise... but if you 'kiss' she does it back..
- Cami: still working at Susquehanna and Depot. He isnt thrilled about either one but he's doing it without complaints. He is handling me not getting paid very maturely doing 2 jobs and still helping out alot around the house so he is an awesome hubby to have. His b-day was the 20th so we had people here for his dads 50th b-day but Cam's friends were invited. It was a very quiet night which seemed to be ok with him.

My camera is sill broken so i don have any pics to add.... = (

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The journey has begun....

Tuesday was the first day I had to leave the house without miss Emmita behind my seat in the car!! I had a teachers in service to start off the school year but it also kicked off the start of my ST. It was nice to see my old teacher I had for a seminar class... she is the superintendent of the district and was happy to see me giving me a hug and even told the principal that I'm a hard worker and will not be that's a positive on my side!!

Today was the first day of school for the kids, and boy do we have an awesome bunch!! There are 24 kids on our roster with 5 of them being taken out of class... but we all seem like we'll get along just fine. This week will pretty much be a whole lotta rule learning but next week will be when lessons will be done...

Emma hit the big 8 month point so her update consists of her still being...... fab-U-lous!! We finally got the girls pics done and they turned out so well it was hard to choose.. She isn't rolling over or crawling but when she sits shes been reaching far enough to get her foot in the crawling position and sometimes will end up on her tummy... she has been eating baby foods like cereal/fruits/veggies/cookies... I have been just feeding her in the morning and when I see her again when I get home from school...
Cadence is doing well... she has been even more excited that Emma goes to Luly's house with her because she loves her so so sooooooo much.... Her Spanglish is getting more prominent so Im hoping she'll still be able to have a conversation with me ya know?!? Anyway she is still Fab-U-Lous as well and I have 2 of the most amazing girls anyone could ever ask for...
All in all...... Success has been had these past 2 days!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No More "Coby's"

Many people know these 'coby's" as pacifiers, but my neice called it a coby one day and we've been calling it that ever since...

Well its official.. my baby girl is growing up... she no longer uses her 'coby'!! Its bittersweet because as much of a pita is was to take it from her when she didnt need it, or looking for it when it falls out of her mouth in the middle of the night... Im sad that that part of my baby is gone!! Ironically we couldnt find it one day going home from MIL and she hasnt used it since... I told her that the coby fairy came and took it away to give to all of the babies who need them and since she was a big girl she doesnt need it!! I dont think she really understood 'everything' i was saying BUT its working!! We are in the process of getting her a Big Girl bed (which is also bittersweet... ) and that will be her present from the coby fairy!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! He touched my shoulder!! LMAO....... He is the most genuine , REAL PERSON, you could ever meet. And when I say he's only a person, he is... he is using his celebrity to do something good with it and is never to busy to shake a hand and thank the people who are helping him out with the things he wants to accomplish but just cant be everywhere at once. I will upload the pictures as soon as I'm home they are downloading the my computer.... He walked up to everyone in the village green and thanked them for being there doing what they were doing... and me (the dork I am) hopped up and down clapping and say "YAH, I love what you stand for" as if he just went pee pee on the potty for the first time... BUT he looked me in the eyes and said "no problem.." and giggled" Oh how I love him...

So the reason I was able to meet Jack (we're bff now, I can call him that)...was because I signed up on his website to be a volunteer for "All At Once" (which is his thing) but they had enough people so I was sent a link for other organizations... I picked Head Count so I would be registering people to vote... We walked around the parking lot and saw quite a lot of interesting people... I was quite surprised for how mellow Jack is people were WASTED tailgating...I must say that registering people to vote was definitely an experience all on its own because some people were offering us beers but others were quite rude like we were asking them for money... or shouted who they were voting for, Des and I could care less we just wanted to make sure we were doing what we were supposed to be doing to get people to take stand in what they believe in and get their voice heard... otherwise they can not complain if they didn't take the time to register and vote! So with this chance to register people to vote we were given Pit Seats (which was crowded and hot and very pushy)... but all in all... I almost cried twice because I actually felt lucky that I could say "I was at a Jack Johnson concert" since he NEVER tours...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

bitter sweet

Last night made it official for me... our "First Home" is now someone elses. I went over there after work to wait for Camilo, and as I'm sitting on the floor with the baby I hear a truck pull up and its the renters. I'm like wow this is awkward... is it their house is it our house... its in limbo... so we had to go back later that night to pick up my car we left their so we could go get furniture from my boss's house and when we pull up, they are sitting outside chilling... enjoying the house like they have been there forever... As grateful as I am than we are able to move to a bigger house... its still kinda upsetting to let 'our first house' go... They are very nice people with 2 sons and another on the way and Im glad that we all feel comfortable with one another... Lets just hope everyones experience in this process is a postive one!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sunday was my 'little' sisters 13th b-day... I can not believe shes a teenager already... time sure does fly by... we really need to appreciate the time we have... Because 'you're gonna miss this'....
Camilo and Emma just chillen'

Recently a man by the name of Randy Paucsh passed away and he did what was known as "the last lecture"... he was diagnosed with terminal pancriotic cancer with only a few months to live... well he chose to live like Tigger and NOT Eyore... he decided that making memories with his children in the time he had left was much better than sulking and not making the memories... So with that being sad... I will try to be more like Tigger and not like Eyore... dont sweat the small stuff and when something bad happens in life... Make It Worth Something!!

I love you Camilo, Cadence & Emma!! Thank you for being in my life and making me smile EVERYDAY!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Student Teaching

Well I finally got my acceptance letter for student teaching... the 3 schools I applied for did not accept me... of course I felt hurt and embarrassed, but it was quickly cleared up that it had nothing to do with ME.... the schools just weren't very cooperative... so I will be student teaching in the Fall of 2008 in Greenwich Twp. school district in the first grade!! I am SUPER DUPER excited, because it all feels REAL now... I hope this motivates me to lose some weight before I start, because I need a new wardrobe!! Wish me luck!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I've converted

Well too much advail... Ive made the switch to cloth diapering... Im totally excited about it... not only because Im hoping it helps us cut the cost of buying diapers BUT also trying to go a lil' greener!! Plus she totally looks cute in those cute prints!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Its been a while...

Well well we go...... we FINALLY made settlement on the new house.... and it couldnt be better... its just too bad we are hardly ever home at the same time to enjoy it... We wanna have a House Warming of some sort because we didnt do it with the other house and we would love to show this one off!! We still need to put more of pur personal touches to it and then it will feel complete, but it sure is nice to call this place home!!

What else, Emma is freakin' 6 months!! I cant even believe where the time has gone... She still has no teeth or anything but is drooling like crazy still... she sits up great and has been doing that since she was about 5 months...Cadence is a GREAT big sister still... she loves Emma and you can just tell... I will update more later and add more pictures because I of course have alot of time to cover!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My surgery

May 14th 2008, I had a cyst removed from my right ovary. It was 8cm and contained nothing serious only the gross stuff like hair and nails... I have a 2.5 inch incision on my stomach like a c-section would be. Right now its a little sore but nothing more than a bruise and a cut (surprisingly) I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and almost 4 because I woke up Friday morning with a fever and a hot and cold sweat. They did blood work and a urine test and it came back that I got a uti so I was able to go home after my temp was taken again.... So I came home Friday afternoon... and would only be able to get rest if I was still in the hospital. Camilo is really stepping up to the plate with helping out around the house and making sure I get my medicine and stuff... My sister in law came over today to help with the girls BUT she had to bring 2 kids as well. (a 7mth old and a 3yr old) so its not really as much help as its supposed to be. I think I would do better with my own 2 girls alone, but Im not gonna be a b*itch about it because really if I wanna heal quickly and correctly I should take the help....

We make settlement on our new house on the 29th of this month which of course is extremely excited but of course I will be pushed out of the way b/c "I'm not supposed to do anything"... our house is unpacked and of course in shambles with the girls stuff and me not being able to put them away... BUT it'll get done when it gets done...

Monday, May 12, 2008

4 months of loving

Emma Olivia is 4 months and 16 days old and already has such a personality which is as bubbly as a 1 year old!! She grabs onto whatever she can, she smiles at everything (even Cadence), and nurses still like a champ. She had a checkup last week and shes 15lbs and 22 inches long (i dont have that in front of me so I'll have to check that if its right), Doc said shes growing like a baby should be growing. Emma still is struggling to take the bottle, she wants nothing to do with it. She did however take some formula from a bathroom cup, so at least we know she has it in her to eat when she gets really hungry.

Cadence also had her checkup and she is 24 months weighs 27lbs and is almost 3 feet tall!! She'll be able to ride on rides soon lol!!She also got a shot cried some but was ok afterwards....She also has a personality and is so mature, she tells me "no", she doesnt like the taste of things, she tells me to "go away", but she also tells me she loves me (when prompted of course) But i'll take it!! We celebrated her 2nd b-day as a joint party with our neice Jocelyn who turned 3. It turned out very nice. We had great weather and they both got great gifts.

Monday, February 25, 2008

8 weeks already!!

I just cant believe where the time goes...although Cadence and Emma are only 22 months apart you quickly forget how quick the weeks fly by. Her 2 month check up is next week so I will update her weight and stuff next week.

Cadence thinks Emma is a 'Super Sister'
Cadence still loves being a big sister and will pat Emma when she cries and says "ssssh Emma, sssh". It is so cute how motherly she is, girls really do have that instinct. Cadence of course amazes me everyday which makes me not wanna go back to work at all. I dont wanna miss anything new she does, I think its worse leaving them when they are older than when they are infants.

We finally got enough snow to actually go out and play in it and Cadence did ok. She was sble to wear her snow boots and snow suit for the first time.She really didnt know what to do when we were out there but we still had a good time.