Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Roller skating and my appointment

Well on Sat night we had a wedding to go to and it was the best wedding you would ever be at. The recepetion was held at an indoor recreation place that has a roller skating rink, batting cages, soccer/field hockey/lacrosse, volleyball, a HUGE play thing... and because of the location of the reception we brought Cadence so she could run around and try out roller skating. She did so well, I mean as well as an 18month old can do.... she had a blast it was so cute to see her skating for the first time and going up and down the slide, I think she could have went all night long, in which she was up and not cranky at all until 11pm!!
Sunday we had Thanksgiving at my dad's house which turned out very nice, and Im hoping it turns into some sort of tradition (im always looking for traditions to start with my family).

Monday I had my 33 week checkup and everything is looking good. Im still pregnant, lol, my weight is good per the Dr. which Im ok with because I realized that its not possible for me to gain as much as I did with Cadence at this point, so Im ok with it. Except Im going to have to work my ASS off once Im capable of doing so. She said Im back to measuring a little head, but didnt give me a number... prolly because she knows I get anxiety about that stuff, but its nothing to worry about, Im hoping its a week... I think i was always 2 weeks ahead with Cadence. I am feeling great at this point of my pregnancy and am so excited that in give or take 7 weeks we will be welcoming a new Serrano to the family.
We have nothing prepared for this baby as far as sleeping arrangments or clothes or car seats or anything actually.... I do feel bad, but do not know where to start... We need to organize our house better so we will be able to accomadate for the new addition.
Thanksgiving is in 2 days and we are having dinner at my in-laws and Christmas is in 5 weeks. I will be 34 weeks this Friday making the countdown seem so much closer than it already is... I go back in 2 weeks for another checkup.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

32 weeks & Chuck E Cheese

Well being 32 weeks people have been more known to notice 'how big I am' and feel free to express it! No biggie because I know Im big, but I feel great! I am starting to notice that if I sit for too long a period my hips hurt and I walk like an 80 year old woman... But other than that things are looking my next appointment is next week (I forget the exact date) I think after Thanksgiving... so I'll be nice and heavy for that scale!!
Im not sick anymore (knock on wood), no more coughing or runny nose, but Cadence still has a little of it left. She had her 18 month check up on Friday and she's right on track. Weighing in at 22lbs & 13.5oz and 33 1/4 inches tall, my little peanut is getting big! She got her flu shot but I still have to get mine.

We went to Chuck E Cheese on Friday too and I think the big kids had more fun then the little ones, but they still did have their shar of fun Im sure!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

31 weeks

Well I was 31 weeks on November 2.... and I wanted to wait to actually take my 31 belly shot until Saturday because I knew I was going out and would be more dolled up!! So anyway, I feel wonderful, except for the congestion and coughing, but that's non pregnancy related so I have no complaints. I will probably mention from here on out that we are now in crunch time because I just can not believe that it is actually nearing in as quickly as it is. With only 9 weeks (give or take of course) left and only about 6 weeks left of my school semester, Thanksgiving in 3 weeks and Christmas in 8 weeks I have so much ahead of me that it will go by so much quicker than usual.
Cadence is recognizing that I have a baby in my belly because when I ask her where the baby is, she rubs my belly and gives it kisses. So of course it makes me melt every time she does it, and I cant get enough of it so I have her say 'baby' and give my belly kisses all the time!! I really wanna get a picture of her doing it so when they get older I can show them they actually did love each other!! ha ha... Cadence plays with her teddy and takes care of her so nicely that I'm sure she'll be a great big sister!!
I had an u/s last week to check on my cyst and its still there, its measuring 7x5 cm but its up far enough to not have to worry about for the remainder of the pregnancy. The u/s tech said the head is measuring 2 weeks ahead and either his/her arm/leg is measuring a week ahead, but its nothing to get freaked out about (except that my kid may have a huge head!!LOL) but other than that.... he/she was not cooperating, laying upside down seeing only the spine, so I did not get any pictures to take with me...
Well I had my 31 week appointment this morning and everything went well. I am measuring 31 weeks exactly, but when I went in 2 weeks ago a different Dr. measured me at a week ahead, so it all depends on which Dr measure you I guess... Heartbeat was excellent and everything else is going as smooth as possible!! I gained 1.5 lbs in 2 weeks so Im up 26.5lbs which is better than I was with Cadence...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween

My Lil' Care bear

Well we took Cadence trick-or-treating along with her three cousins Peyton, Jocelyn & Brihanna and her 3 aunts, Des, Kayla, and Cindy, of course Camilo and I were there as well. We went to my dad's neighborhood and she made out like a bandit. She was reaching into the candy bowl and putting her candy into her trick-or-treat bag, it was very cute this year. I was getting crampy walking as much as we did, but I didnt wanna miss out on a thing.