Monday, January 21, 2008

More to Emma

Her check up went well she gained 12oz. in a week. Her next appointment is in 2 months. She sleeps wonderfully at night, only waking up twice to eat... its funny to look at Emma b/c she looks so much like Cadence.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Well Emma is almost 2 weeks old... and is doing very well... shes breast feeding like a champ... sleeps alot and is such a pleasant baby... We were so lucky with Cadence and how mild tempered she was and how easy she was as an infant that I really thought baby number 2 would be devlil baby... but... knock on wood... no signs of the devil yet... we are ReaLLY blessed!! Cadence loves Emma... she always wants to kiss her and if she makes a noise... she grabs my hand and says "Baby cry" and wants me to go get Emma... BUT of course she doesnt understand how to be gentle all the time... so we have to keep a watchful eye on her... Cadence found a oicture of herself when she was a new born and she thinks its Emma... its so cute!!
Emma has her second checkup tomorrow b/c last week when we took her she only gained back 2 ounces so they have to make sure she gained more weight... I hope she did because she does eat... I feel guilty that I havent been taking as many pictures as I did when Cadence was a new born... everything is so much more different the second time around...
Tomorrow is my birthday and it really doesnt even matter... once you hit a certain age.. theres no need to celebrate anymore... LOL... I'll be 25!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


New Years day we went to Walmart to get some food to have for when I finally went into labor.... I really wasnt feeling all that great that day, having some pains but nothing to run to the hospital for... we bought a Mexican Enchilada oven meal for dinner to have that night and we played Wii. I tossed and turned all night and got outta bed around 5 to go potty. When got back in bed I couldnt fall asleep and was getting sharp pains down there... I started timing them because they felt quite consistent... the alarm went off at 620 for my dh to get up to go babysitting... so I told him what was going on and he suggested that I take a shower and go with him to babysit because if the contractions got stronger together he'd be stuck in traffic and wouldnt be home until 8 to come get me... so I showered and we went to babysit and then went to the hospital... I got to the hosp. at about 815 and was checked my the nurse and said I was still the same as i was last week.... (2cm & 60% effaced) the nurse says "i'll let your dr know and she may want you to go home and walk for an hour and come back..." i was like noooooo I dont wanna go home and come back that would stink.... so we sat there for a little bit and my dr finally came in about 8:45 checks me and says "your staying" the nurse looks at her like "what is she measuring?" the dr says "6cm!" we all looked at eachother like WoW!! that was quick... needless to say the contrax felt like they were getting stronger..... so I went into L&D room... the eip. guys came in to ask me questions and get me ready for the epidural and by the time they came back I really though I was having the baby before they would come back to give me the epi....well when the finally came back in to give it to me with the Dr. it took them a half hour to get the thing in my back....the guys was poking and prodding and hitting bone and was in too far and up too high...I started sweating and my legs fell asleep....I really almost told them to stop that didnt want it...but couldnt talk to tell them b/c i was holding my breath in pain...anyhow my legs were numbing but could still feel contrax...I had to lay on my side for awhile to fill the 'window'.......Dr came in measured me and broke my water at 11:30am....the next time the nurse measured me I was 9.5 cm she got the dr she came in said I was 10 and ready... she left and the nurse had me 'pre push' and in 2 pushes the head was already down there... Dr came back in I pushed 2 more times and out came Emma Olivia @ 1:35pm!! She came out looking like a chip munk she was swollen (that we could later tell the next day)... stayed in the hosptal until Friday but didnt get home until later afternoon b/c my dr was delivering babies and couldnt release me... so we have been home for 2 days now and its awesome... Cadence is doing really well being a big sister... our house is a mess b/c we cant keep up with picking up after all of Cadence's toys... but who cares... lol... everyone is healthy and happy and thats all that matters...