Thursday, November 12, 2009


(27 weeks)

(28 weeks)
Well of course Im a slacker and have not updated in a while... so I'll try to remember what I should.... As of today I am 28 weeks pregnant with our little surprise baby. I have been feeling great... the baby is a mover and a shaker thats for sure... as of right now Im starting to feel as though the baby has less room to move around so Im feeling the bigger/harder movements that brush across my belly. Its such a nice reminder that I am carrying a baby made out of love by two people... the whole idea of it all still amazes me.... My sil actually asked me the other day if she could watch this delivery bc she has never seen one... I know with Cadence we had a room full of people, and with Emma it was only Camilo and I... with this baby Camilo said he would like it to be just us again... but who knows what we will decide... I dont mind I guess but I would have to think about it...
Cadence is still a mama's girl and Emma is still a daddy's girl... but they move tend to have their moments where the other parent will be just fine for them as well... They are both such good kids I couldnt ask for anything more from them. Cadence can have a bossy attitude at times... but has beene expressing her feelings very freely... she'll say "that makes me so sad" or "thats not fair"...its really cute when she says it and Im glad she uses it when its appropriate.... such a smarty pants! Emma is starting to get into the have to wear a dress everyday stage like Cadence was in... which is fine but will take some a.m. clothing choices for me to get used to... she used to not care now she'll tell me 'no....princess' so again... dealing with some primadonnas! BUT... they get along well I forget about the little temper tantrums they will have at times.

Camilo is a teacher! He started teaching middle school math in Bridgeton in the beggining of October... adjusting everyday and trying to reach out to the kids who have no interest in doing well at all.... its a farm town where they are all illegal so they have no care about 'what will happen' after school... good thing he has patience (at times) bc I think I would have a bit of a raised voice a little too often....

I still am looking for a teaching postion... I did just get a job doing an afterschool program in Vineland, its a section 8 program so its a safe haven for kids to do their hw quietly and use the computers... Summer is a full-time thing so that should be interesting... apparently I'll have to develop a curriculum and lesson plans for 3 different age groups... plan field trips... plan meals... but heard that from the other teacher I work with not the boss herself... so we shall see...

Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm trying to be a good person and go to church but I really am way too ignorant on religion (don't tell my religion teacher... but it was Judaism... so it may not count) Anyway... we had Cadence 'dedicated' to an Assembly of God which is pretty much a non-denominational Christian church... but by the time I got pregnant with Emma... they were closing their doors because of the lack of people and money coming into the church... Needless to say my poor, now middle child, has not been to church nor even considered for a dedication or any of that... I have not been too busy on Sundays to go but I just don't know where to go... whats the difference between a Methodist church and an Assembly of God... is there one?!?! I hate feeling so dumb on this... but I blame it on my parents for not enforcing it more when we were little... I was baptized Catholic and I made my Holy Communion... I don't know what Camilo has done apparently in Honduras everything with Religion is different.... I feel like I cant go to the Catholic church because of not making my confirmation but really Id rather not go to a Catholic Church at this time because of childhood memories of it always being, sorry to say, boring... I need some religion help.... but be nice!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ultra sound update

After waiting patiently in the waiting for for over an hour, and feeling VERY out of place... I got to see the baby in my belly!!! As soon as the tech put the doppler on my belly the baby was RIGHT THERE.... and the best part was he/she was bouncing around in there... we were giggling because we were amazed at all the movement so early... Everything looks good with a due date of....dun dun dun......... February 2, 2010... making me dun dun dun.... 13 weeks 4 days.... I'll upload the u/s pic at home and post it on here.... everytime I look at the picture I keep saying "its a baby" I so thought it was only going to be a kidney bean right now but Im so glad it wasnt!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I had a dr's appointment yesterday with the OB... typical, answering of all the questions, how are you feeling? Lets go over the survey you had to fill out... stuff.... Then she says, it may be still too early but lets try to find that heartbeat.... I got giggly... she searched and searched... and alas... there it was... behind my loud heartbeat, you could hear baby S's!! Its REAL!!! LOL... I go tomorrow for my ultrasound to see exatly when Baby S will be here!! Ta-ta for now!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Emma's 18mth well....

My sister-in-law had to take her because Camilo and I were not able to take off from work.... she said she cried some when she got her shots... I hope she remembers what they were... She is 25lbs 12oz. putting her in the 75th percentile for weight and shes 31.5 inches tall putting her at average. My little chubby checker... but I'll be honest thought she was gonna weigh more! Im ok with that!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well, well, well

Its been a while... a reallllllly long while... I finished up my student teaching experience, recieved my certificate of eligibility to teach, graduated from college with a Masters Degree and stayed home with my girls for a few months after so I would be able to enjoy some sahm quality time with the kiddos!! We didnt do much but it was just nice to know I didnt have to wake up to go to work and leave me babies...
Cadence turned 3 in April, and is now potty trained! One day we went to the supermarket, we bought her some pull-ups and the next day she was going on her own!! Thank goodness... its so nice to know she CAN do it.... (Emma of course now wants to try as well... so hey bring on no more diapers!!) She is just the best thing anyone could ever ask for, for your first child.... shes a great helper to me and Cam... shes an awesome big sister to Emma... and she has manners

Emmita is still my chubby checker... loves doing everything her big sis is doing... since Cadence has been potty training Emma thinks she should too, so she'll come into the bathroom with us and try to take off her diaper and say 'pee pee'... she has her 18 month well visit in Friday... lets just hope shes not too chubby for them, we all love her chubby thighs and belly!!
And now for number three!! We have just announced to our friends and family that we will be adding yet another addition to our family and despite some reactions we get, we're happy!! Its a little too late to start thinking about half the stuff people bring up when you announce you are pregnant! We have two other beautiful surprises that worked itself out, so this in turn will work itself out as well.... we live each day on love and staying positive... we cant let negativity bring us down....

Camilo is still working at Susquehanna Bank and Im still at the insurance office, but we are both crossing our fingers that teaching jobs come along for us soon!!