Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm trying to be a good person and go to church but I really am way too ignorant on religion (don't tell my religion teacher... but it was Judaism... so it may not count) Anyway... we had Cadence 'dedicated' to an Assembly of God which is pretty much a non-denominational Christian church... but by the time I got pregnant with Emma... they were closing their doors because of the lack of people and money coming into the church... Needless to say my poor, now middle child, has not been to church nor even considered for a dedication or any of that... I have not been too busy on Sundays to go but I just don't know where to go... whats the difference between a Methodist church and an Assembly of God... is there one?!?! I hate feeling so dumb on this... but I blame it on my parents for not enforcing it more when we were little... I was baptized Catholic and I made my Holy Communion... I don't know what Camilo has done apparently in Honduras everything with Religion is different.... I feel like I cant go to the Catholic church because of not making my confirmation but really Id rather not go to a Catholic Church at this time because of childhood memories of it always being, sorry to say, boring... I need some religion help.... but be nice!

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