Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Start

I am going to update as often as possible, even if no one is reading. There are many things that are on my mind through out the day and not many opportunities to talk to someone about them so why not get them off my chest through the power of the word!

We are now a family of FIVE!! Yes I said 5... and everyday Camilo and I look at each other in amazement because the things that aren't planned are the best surprises! Cadence just turned 4 (April 21), Emma is 2 (Jan 2) and 'hadda baby its a boy' Landon 4 months (Jan 27)... We are complete (for now, lol) there is nothing etched in stone but we are def done for now... three years and 1 day will be the next time babies are discussed (tenure) BUT I am still looking for a job in teaching, being where I am, just isn't going to pay the bills forever, especially since 'its not the right time for raises'. Camilo got a letter stating they will not be offering him his contract for next school year bc of all the layoffs that's happening. His mentor seems to think they will change their minds but until then... hes out of a job for next year, which now means we have to find health insurance for at least the kids...

I am on a mission to get in shape so hopefully posting it up here will get me to doing what I should be doing instead of making excuses of why I'm not... I started day 1 of my 30 day shred with Jillian Michael's... I felt good after it... wanted to wake up today to do an early morning workout but fell asleep last night and wasn't prepared for this morning... Ill workout when I get home today, before dinner... (because my friend told me you metabolize food faster after your workout...thanks Tab) I need all the metabolizing help I can get.

Overall, Our family may not have it all together, but together we have it all!

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